Thursday, June 9, 2011

Love and Marriage.....

So you know yesterday how I told you I started a marriage Bible study? Well, I am here to share with you today about some of the notes I took the other night in our first night of this study. Some things that made sense to me, that jumped out at me and that I would like to share.

1. You can't control what your husband (or kids or friends or anyone for that matter) does, but you can control what you do. I know that I find myself all the time trying to make Alan do something the way that I want it done or wishing he would do it some other way. I am learning that God made Alan an individual with unique features that will bless the way he does stuff in our marriage.

2. Am I willing to let my husband make mistakes? To let him be the leader God intended him to be, I have to let him lead. And if that means he makes some mistakes, then he makes some mistakes. I make mistakes all the times so it is perfectly okay to let my husband! This was great - If your husband makes a mistake, he knows he did before you tell him. My husband is extremely smart and rarely makes mistakes, so when he does I always want to point it out. That is terrible I know, but I usually make a mistake when I wake up, so it makes me feel good to know he makes mistakes too. Obviously that is not the right approach. (note to on that.)

3. Husbands love when people cheer them on. I (you) can be the perfect cheerleader. This was actually a funny point. The lady teaching the Bible study used this example: You know when you were dating your husband and you would sit outside right next to his truck while he worked on it and would tell him how awesome he was working on his truck. HAHAHA! I wondered if she knew us when we were dating. After 7 years of marriage and 2 kids, I don't have the time to sit outside and watch him work on his truck, but maybe that is what we both need. Just to be around each other. In each others presence and me to be there to see and be proud of his mechanical skills.

4. A woman needs to admire her husband for what he already is, not for what he could become if he lived up to her standards. I think I will be reading this statement for a very long time. I didn't marry my husband because I thought he would become something great. I married him because I thought he was great.

This Bible study is a 'gut check' for me as a wife. I hope I can take it.

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