Thursday, June 16, 2011

Love Language

Tuesday night we had our "Bliss or Miss" Bible study. So, here I go again with my 3 pages of notes.

We talked about how you act when you feel loved. We talked about ways to make your husband feel loved. The lady teaching this class made a fantastic point. She said "Your husband knows you loves him, He wants to feel your love."

That took us into talking about the 5 Love Languages. I am sure most of you have heard of that, but if you haven't, check it out and take their online quiz. 5 Love Languages

I think Melody really nailed the hammer on the head when she said that 99% of the time we show our spouse love by doing the things that would make OURSELVES feel loved. So, learning what makes your spouse feel loved will show you how you need to show him love. Alan hasn't taken the test yet, but I am most definitely going to ask him to.

I study this book in a religion course in college and I am going to have to go back and see if I have the results from when I took the test then to compare them to what they are today. I think they have totally changed. So, here are my results:

1. Receiving gifts - This really doesn't surprise me because I LOVE to give gifts. I love to see the excitement on peoples face or to make them feel special by getting a gift they wanted. The biggest thing that made sense to me in the explanation of this love language is that we (people who have this love language) really appreciate the thought that goes into buying or getting the gift. It means that someone took time out of their day to think about what would make us happy.

2. This was a tie between Acts of Service & Words of Affirmation - This really doesn't surprise me either. Just yesterday my cousin comment on facebook "cousin you are SO TALENTED!! I absolutely love your gallery." Melanie - if you are reading this, YOU MADE MY DAY and gave me a little more confidence to keep doing what I am doing!!! Acts of service is something I like to do to. I'll go mow the yard for my husband even though I am highly allergic to grass just so he doesn't have to spend his entire weekend working on the lawn. I don't know if he really cares or not, but that is how I show him my love. (I guess it would help to know if he feels loved that way because if not, it is hard work..haha!)

4. Physical Touch
5. Quality Time

So, those are my love languages. Melody made one other good point that I think needs to be shared. She talked about learning our kids love languages. Obviously my kids can't take the test yet, so I just have to observe what they want throughout the day. I have never really thought about this until Tuesday night, but my kids have a love language too and a "love tank" that needs filled up just the way they want it filled up. Just like I need to speak my husbands love language I really need to speak my kids too. The last thing I want is for them to feel unloved!

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