Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Random Encouragement

This morning when I woke up and read through my note book, nothing jumped out at me to write about. I take that back, a lot of things jumped out at me, but they were just sentences that I wrote down as I was taking notes from something. I thought I would just share a bunch of those sentences with you and maybe one of them or all of them will be the encouragement you need today!

When you give God all you have, that is all that He needs.

When sin enters the human equation, guilt enters the human emotion.

We can curse or bless our relationships by what we speak about them.

God sees your oppression, your pain and He hears your cries.

Trust God for the process He has for your life.

Repentance is when you allow God to change you. With the power of God you CAN change.

True communication occurs when the actual message you are trying to send is accurately received.

God wants to give me the power to be slow to anger, have a good filter in my ears, and heal my broken heart.

Forgiveness is NOT: easy, normal, forgetting, apologizing or optional.

Out of an overflow of what God is doing on your life, you are able to bless others.

Passionate love take that which we love and lay it down at the feet of something we love more.

The battle for your mind is a battle for your life.

Pray for your own wisdom and your childrens acceptance of that wisdom.

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