Monday, May 9, 2011


So yesterday I was listening to the sermon at church and like most Sunday mornings I saw a light bulb come one. We are in this series called "Love Revolution." It is basically teaching us as a church how to love others without being loved back. To selflessly love. It is like that list I posted a few weeks ago. 100 Creative Way To Love Others.

The sermon wasn't about my "light bulb." It was just a random light bulb. So, when I am out and about with my kids. Whether is be at the grocery store, the gym, on an airplane (not sure when that one will happen again after last weeks travels!), in my front yard, in my house, or at the mall, I am 100% focused on doing what I need to do without the kids breaking something, tearing something up, screaming at the top of their lungs or me losing it. I am sure most of you understand that.

As our pastor was teaching yesterday I realized that my focused face isn't a very nice face. So, I probably look ticked off, like I hate to be a mom, like I hate my life, etc. I don't want people to see me in that light. As most of you know from reading this blog I am pretty 'real' and don't sugar coat a lot of things, but always being ticked off, hating to be a mom and hating my life are NOT ME.

So, my 'light bulb' moment came when I realized that I can show other people love by blessing them even while I have 2 kids that I am trying to tote around. I can hold a door open for someone. I can smile and say hi. I can give someone an extra hand if they need it. My kids are better behaved than I give them credit for. I have the time and energy to do this. It may be what that other person needs to make their day.

In other news - I was doing a photo shoot on Saturday with a friend from high school. Her mom was up helping and we were talking about our womens ministry at church. She gave me her two books that she had written. I took them to someone at our church yesterday and although we already have our fall study lined up it these books could be a possibility for the spring. I am going to read one of the books, while Susan reads the other one, so I am sure I'll have lots to talk about here on the blog. The one I am reading is called Plan A Mom in a Plan B World. We plan to switch when we are done, so then I'll be reading Plan A Woman in a Plan B World. Very excited to share with you as I read!

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