Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Thought Bubbles

This post might get a little random, but just a few thoughts that I want to share with you!

I think wilderness is coming upon me. I am trying to be aware of it. Trying to pray that I handle it the correct way and also thanking God for things that He has already provided me to walk this (hopefully short) wilderness. I hope from what I have learned and the changes that I have made in my heart that I can handle this wilderness completely different than others.

I read the first chapter of Plan A Mom in a Plan B World. God's timing is impeccable. I am still in awe of that. I have known this book has been out there for a while and have wanted to buy it and read it, but God knew when it needed to be in my life! I can't wait to share some of it with you.

Okay, how about I share a little bit of it with you right now? I think I'll explain the Plan A, Plan B thing and then tell you a story about how that fits right into my life. The author describes a Plan A mom as a mom who wants to please God. A mom who wants to raise her children to know Christ as our Savior. A mom who prays. A mom who wants their kids to be healthy, kind to others and socially and spiritually well adjusted and raise her children to make good choices. A Plan B world contradicts that. When sin entered the human equations, things kind of went bad. She describes a Plan B world as a world that is filled with sickness, physical disabilities and threats to our children.

Sounds pretty accurate huh? So, here is my story.

When I was pregnant with Jayme I read Babywise. I had that book essentially memorized. I thought I was set on that aspect of being a mom because I knew what the book said to do and in my VERY naive mind I thought that if I did exactly as the book said, then Jayme would follow and do exactly has the book said (yes, I really thought this...stop laughing!). I also thought that my 1 week old child could hold a toy. Yes, I was a bit of a 'green' mom at first. Anyways, as I am sure you have figured out Jayme did NOT do what the book said she would do if I did what the book said to do. She actually did the opposite. I was devastated. I thought I was the worse mother. I had no idea where I went wrong. Today I laugh at this story because when I was in the moment I was really distraught.

Things come into our lives that mess our plans up. Every day that probably happens. The way we adapt and how we handle the changes can be a shining example to our kids!

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