Friday, May 27, 2011

Planning vs Manipulation

So, the newest chapter in Plan A Mom in a Plan B World talks about doing things my own way or God's way. I was very interested in what this chapter had to say because frankly I have been doing things my way for a while now and I think God's way is a little bit better plan for me.

This biggest thing that I took away from this chapter was to go to God with the concerns you have about your child. That may seem like a pretty standard thing for you, but for me it seems really really silly to talk to God about helping potty train your child. But I did that. In my own prayers to God and in my daughters night time prayers we asked God to help her ALWAYS go teetee on the potty.

Have a seen this miraculous change in my daughter since we both gave over potty training to Him? No, not really. But I am trying to faithfully give over my struggles as a parent (and this is a huge one) to God. I told Him in a prayer the other night, "I can't do this anymore. I have tried everything. I give Jayme and the control over her bladder to you. Please show me how to do this your way." I can't believe I actually just told you that I gave control over Jayme's bladder to God. Ha!

The one other big thing that I am learning from this study (well I already new it, but have become more aware of it) is the HUGE influence we are on our kids. If I treat something or someone a certain way multiple times, my kids will see that and will copy my actions. It is something I have to remember all the time when I would rather throw a hissy fit than be the bigger person. Or when I want to talk bad about something instead of good. We are shaping who are children will be right now with our actions. I was to be the best teacher I can be.

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