Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wow God Wednesday

God, you have been doing some pretty rockin' things lately. Thank you!

I am still so amazed at how God has changed my heart. Sometimes I see the old me come out and I realize that was a very unhappy me. I am wowed by what He has done in me and what He can do in me if I just let Him.

There have been a bunch of babies born lately and it has reminded me what a blessing my kids are. I have the privilege of photographing newborns and I just love the peacefulness that is with them when they sleep. And the comfort they have when they are being held by momma. Each time I come home from a newborn photoshoot I try to cuddle with my kids a little more than they want me to...haha!

Has God wowed you in the last week? Please share!

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