Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know I have touched on the subject of “wildernesses” before, and I think this goes right along with that, but it is just a little different perspective that I want to share with you.

I have a book that I write down all the ideas I have to write about on this blog. The sentence I wrote down to remind me to write about this says this:

The bigger your “deep water” the more opportunity you have to see God’s miracles.

I love that sentence. Especially when I am dealing with a stubborn kid. I go back a lot to this example, but it has been the biggest challenge for me in teaching my daughter something. It seems that she excelled at everything but this (not anymore!!). Potty training. Just typing those words makes my heart race. It took exactly 1 year for my daughter to get this and I have to be honest when I say that this was not a pretty year for my parenting skills...haha. The patience I had was slim to none. Looking back over the last year I have to say that it was a “deep water” moment for me. I truly thought that she would be 4 before she was potty trained. I thought we would be buying the biggest size diapers for years to come. I honestly believed that. I couldn’t understand why she didn’t get it. I thought I was a failure as a mother in that area of her life. I thought I did something completely wrong in teaching her.

But, a miracle happened and I saw it. I was shocked by it. I cried the day that she told me she wanted to wear panties again. I told her no. She asked me again the next day, I cried and put her in panties. In ONE week, I saw the most drastic change I never thought I would witness and yes, I am saying it was a miracle.

I know you are probably reading this saying “silly Bobbi, she just wasn’t ready when you tried before.” I am sure that was the case, but when I was in that moment, I didn’t think that way at all.

There are so many other “deep water” examples I could give you. I did just a quick google search. I searched “miracles of God.” Here are the first 5 in the search results:

  1. Jesus lived among us
  2. God’s tiny miracles - little babies
  3. A man with 100% heart blockage who survived numerous heart attacks
  4. Miracles! The miracles described in the Bible happen today.
  5. The awesome power of God

I have hear "deep water" stories that deal with people having cancer and seeing God's miracles through their healing. Infertility stories that showed God's miracles. It is incredible the way God shows himself to us while we are facing our rock bottom. I am not saying that I want to be at rock bottom, but I love seeing God work in my life.

I just try to remember that in my struggles with being wife, mommy and Bobbi I will (and do!) see God’s miracles.

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  1. Yesterday Alan's (and my!) aunt posted about how thankful she is for her children. I think that is a good example of a "deep water" moment. It a time that is so hard for her, God has shown her what amazing kids she has!