Tuesday, March 8, 2011


When I hear people my parents age talk about how they prayed for their childs spouse when they were just a little kid I kind of giggle. When I think about my prayers, they are more about me getting through the day with both kiddos. I know I should but I seriously don’t want to think about the future and my babies growing up. Do you pray for your kids spouses already?

I find myself saying (or writing) in my prayers stuff like, “God, just give me the strength to make it through the day.” Now, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing to pray for because trust me, there are days where I don’t know if me or the kids will make it. However, I want to and need to pray things more like, “God, please give me the wisdom to teach my kids the things they need to learn and give my kids the open heart and mind to accept the things that I am trying to teach them.”

Here are a few other prayers that I had for myself so I could in return bless my kids:

*for God to teach me about His love, mercy and grace so I can show all those things to my kids

*for self confidence to show through so my kids see that it is okay and good to be confident in who you are because we were all created in HIS own beautiful image.

*for protection. there is so much in this world that is scares me when I am raising 2 sweet girls.

Do you pray specific prayers for your children?

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