Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We just finished up a Bible study at my church and it really was a great study. This woman told a story about how they moved into this amazing new house, but the only downside of this new house is that they couldn’t get high speed internet. So, after a few days she met a neighbor and that neighbors house was positioned in the right spot to be able to get high speed internet. Eventually this woman would go over to her neighbors house with a cup of coffee and “mooch” wireless high speed internet from her neighbor.

In the Bible study this woman teaching it relates that story to having friends that have a strong faith that you can go over and mooch that faith off of. I think that is a fantastic point and I touched on that a bit when I talked about being a good influencer and being surrounded by others that want to be good influencers. There is NO harm in mooching a little faith off your friends when you need some! But for today I am going to take this a different direction and relate it to us mothers.

I know that I need friends that I can mooch off of. I need mommy friends that have more patience than me and less patience than me. I need mommy friends that have been through things that are more difficult than what I have been through. I need mommy friends that are very optimistic. I need to be able to mooch of these mommy friends in my time of need because I know that I can't be a mommy all by myself. What is that saying? It take a village to raise a child. I truly believe that. I need to be able to mooch off the knowledge and love and patience of other mommy friends.

Mooching is a good thing in this instance and I would be honored for any of you to mooch off of me! :)

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