Monday, April 11, 2011


Today has been 31 days since I challenged you to pray for your kids? How did you do? I started off strong, finished off weak. I am going to try again for another 31 days to pray the specific prayers that were on that calendar. Please share with us if you prayed those prayers each day for your kids! If you didn't stay strong (or didn't do it at all) and want to try again here is the link:

So sorry that I didn't have a post Thursday or Friday. It had been one of this weeks where all you want to do is just survive the day and move on to the next hoping it is a better day!!!

Yesterday at church we had our regular service in the morning and then that evening we had a communion gathering. I was very excited for communion gather because it only happens about once a quarter. That isn't very often when you come from a church that communes on a weekly basis. Unfortunately during the day my good mood gave way to frustration and on the way to church last night I was doing everything to change my attitude and get in a good mood to take communion and be in a time of worship. My attitude wasn't changed by the time I got there and it was slightly changed when I left there. I am just amazed how my OWN attitude hinders my relationship with God. In a time where I usually feel very close to Him, because I had my own reason to be grumpy, I was so very far from Him.

I think that is the case in most relationships. Because I was grumpy last night, I was short with my kids and my husband. My attitude affected my relationship all 3 of them.

Today I am going to do all that I can to choose to be in a good mood and choose to be close to God, my kids and my husband.

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