Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Psalm 139

We sing this song at church and I really like it. I didn't make the connection between this song and Psalm 139 until a few months ago.

I am not going to type out all of Psalm 139 for you, but I do encourage you to go and read it all the way through.

This chapter in the Bible is very encouraging to me. Like yesterday when I talked about my own insecurities with self confidence, these verses remind me that God made me, just for me. He gives me my own blue eyes, my own crazy thoughts, my own love handles that my kids fit just perfectly on when I hold them, and my own broken, but hopeful heart.

Sometimes I wonder, "if God knows my words completely before I say them, then why did He let me say that stupid thing, or yell like that at my kids." I got a pretty good answer a few weeks ago in church when I was listening to a sermon. My preacher was talking about how we are all a little messed. He even joked that Mother Teresa was messed up. In the garden of Eden, sin entered our lives and forever "messed us up." That sin is a distance between us and God. Between saying what you wanted to say or saying what you should have said.

Each day I strive to ask God to work through me, but after my first few waking moments, I have probably sinned (I did this morning when I got mad at my daughter for being awake at 6:20am!) and I have put distance between God and I. LUCKILY, I have a very forgiving God!!!

That was a tangent that I wasn't planning going off on. Back to Pslam 139. Read it. You won't regret the 5 minutes (or less) it will take you. When you look in the mirror, or look at your kids or look at your husband, know that God knows your every breath better than you do. Pray to God to guide you and them, to nourish and take care of you and them and YOU love them (and yourself) as God loves you.

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