Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If I am going to stick to my gun and be extremely honest on this blog, then I have to say I don't really have a WOW God moment to give you.

Now, that doesn't mean that life is terrible in the Van Reet household. My kids and I had a really fun day today that wore me out, my hubby still has a job, life is still good. Truthfully, I am just run down. Exhausted. Stressed. Tired. Needing a break. Sometimes Irritated. Have a headache. Pooped out.

If I wake up in the morning and I am full of life and energy and can get through the day without wanting to pull my hair out, then I will rewrite this post and give you a WOW God moment. So, I think that is what I will pray for tonight.

Today is one of those days that I would love to mooch off of you and your good mood and energy and faith, so please share how God has wowed you in the last week!

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